Crystal Serenity
World Cruise 2006

"A World of Color:
Art, Craft, and Quilt Project"

9 feet high by 12 feet wide
2006 Carolyn Lee Vehslage

was created onboard the Crystal Serenity during
the 106-day world cruise from Jan 18-May 05, 06

The seven rainbow colored banners tell the story of
the voyage from Los Angeles to London. The
seven banners represent the seven seas, the seven
continents, and the seven segments of the
Crystal Serenity 2006 World Cruise.

View the "Fiber Art Cards: Far and Wide"
floating exhibition

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Crystal Serenity will visit Los Angeles, 2 stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Tahiti, Cook Islands, 3 stops in New Zealand, 4 stops in Australia, Republic of Mauritius, Reunion Island, 2 stops in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, the Seychelles, 2 stops in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, 2 stops in Egypt, Libya, 2 stops in Italy, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, France, and 2 stops in the UK.

Along the way, the Crystal Serenity guests will make mailable postcards representing various ports-of-call and shipboard activities. Some will feature Crystal Cruises logos and flags of the nations we visit. Others include will items collected while on shore. It will contain crazy quilted postcards, 9-patch quilted postcards, log cabins quilted postcards, as well as postcards that are needlepointed, cross-stitched, appliquéd, embroidered and embellished. Guests who like to paint, draw, scrapbook, or journal can also participate in the project.

As the postcards are created, they will be attached to the seven rainbow colored banners. They will become a visual travel log of our journey around the world. Best of all, at the end of the world cruise, each guest will receive their own postcards back.

View "Fiber Art Cards: Far and Wide" special exhibition

Bela Abady and Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong with her mermaid

Cathy Dillon and KayHaerland

Diane Horowitz with her parrot

Jo Zimmerman by her Pitcairn flag

Maddie Massey by her cross-stitched mermain

Janet DeLong by her sea creatures

Jan Kubani with her butterflies

Amy (Claudette) Thrasher and Jan (Juanita) Harrison

Josaine, Carolyn Lee, Bette, Sylvie, Pauline

Margaret Briggs and art assistant Amy Thrasher

Sally White on the left and Mary Palmer on the right

Bunny O'Neil's Palm Tree Island

Suzanne Sheffield and Luke Allard

Dianne Schoolfield needlepoints a Maritius Flag

Pauline Clark stitches her second postcard

Suzanne Sheffield needlepoints a sun

Helga Bindscheder

Veronica Weishel and Josiane Bohnik

Josiane Bohnik and Hisayo Ikushima

Veronica Weishel

Sachiko McDowell and Rosemary Claus-Gray

Carolyn Lee and Veronica Weichsel

Josiane Bohnik and Assistant Cruise Director Chris Corrigal

Norma Dang

Joan and Sandra and Mr. Marreucci

Karen Thomsen

Ceacy Moore

Testing out how to temporarily adhere the postcards to the slippery nylon sailcloth. I handpainted the Mexico, Guatemala, and Easter Island, Chile needlepoint canvases.

Rotate blade cutting the 36"w x 9'h sailcloth from Sailrite. 'The first cut's the hardest', first of seven banners.

Handpainted needlepoint canvas of Maurituis flag.

Flag of the Republic of Mauritius
Flags of the 2006 Project - they can be
needlepointed, painted, or done as a pieced quilt block

Flag of USA

Flag of Mexico

Flag of Guatemala

Flag of Ecuador

Flag of Peru

Flag of Easter Island, Chile

Flag of Pitcairn Island

Flag of Bora Bora

Flag of Raiatea

Flag of Tahiti

Flag of French Polynesia

Flag of the Cook Islands

Flag of New Zealand

Flag of Australia

Flag of the Republic of Mauritius

(Unofficial) flag of Reunion Island

Official flag of Reunion Island

Flag of South Africa

Flag of Tanzania

Flag of Kenya

Flag of the Seychelles

Flag of Oman

Flag of the United Arab Emirates

Flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt

(Naval) flag of Libya

Flag of Italy

Flag of Monaco

Flag of Spain

Flag of Portugal

Flag of France

Flag of the United Kingdom

Flag of the Crystal Serenity


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