"Fried Circuits Version 1.1"
12"w x 15"h x 1.5"d   © August 2002 Sold
ARA Gallery Permanent Traveling Collection
Women in Textile Art Organization
Honorable Mention

Judge's Comments: Wonderful and very effective technique. I Presume all precautions were taken. Embellisments very creative and applied well. Very well done - Sandra Dorrbecker, NQA Judge, Quilts Along the Bay

Update 9/23/03: "Fried Circuits Version 1.1" was in the
"Internacional de Mini Textil Contemporáneo"
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Santiago de Chile September-October 2003

Opening Reception, Raiza Sala Director of ARA Gallery
& Pilar Tobón President of Women in Textile Art Organization

Materials: fabric, computer & electronic components, metallic thread, beads, and screws using Lonni Rossi's The Typographical Elements Collection distributed by Andover Fabrics.

Techniques: machine quilting and embroidery, surface designed by burning and waxing the fabrics and the components, embellishment.

Statement: The "Fried Circuits" series represents depression. The edges have been burned. The fire within has been blanketed in blacks and browns. There are holes in the memory. Patterns and numbers no longer make sense. It stirs up dark thoughts of disconnection, confusion, loss, and isolation.

"Fried Circuits Version 1.2: Depression"
10.5"w x 14"h x 1"d
© September 2002 Sold
Collection of Nancy Halpern, Philadelphia, PA

"Fried Circuits Version 1.3: Gloom & Doom"
13"w x 14"h x 1.5"d
© September 2002 NFS
Collection of Artist

"Fried Circuits Version 1.4: Despair"
10.25"w x 15"h x 1"d
© September 2002 Sold
Update 12/31/04:
Collection of Amy Thrasher, El Dorado, CO

"Fried Circuits Version 1.5: Misery"
10.25"w x 16"h x 1"d
© September 2002 Sold
Update 11/9/04:
V1.5 is in the permanent collection of
Museo de la Cultura
Valencia, Venezuela

"Fried Circuits Version 1.6: Sadness"
12"w x 16"h x 1.5"d
© October 2002 Sold
Collection of Bard and Kay Haerland
Green Point, NSW, Australia

"Fried Circuits Version 1.7"
13.75"w x 20"h x 1.5"d
© October 2002 Sold
Update 9/14/05:
"Traditions in Transition: Three Views of the Permanent Collection"
San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles,
San Jose, CA September 17, 2005-January 8, 2006

"Fried Circuits Version 1.8: Melancholy"
13"w x 19"h x 1.5"d
© October 2002 Sold
Collection of Lonni Rossi, Admore, PA

"Fried Circuits Version 1.9: Hopelessness"
10"w x 16"h x 1"d
© October 2002 Available
Update June 2010 "FC V1.9" is at the
"Tappan Z Gallery"
Tarrytown, NY



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