"Motherboard Meltdown
V 2.5-2.8: Four Patch"

24"w x 29.5"h x 1"d September 2003
Update 11/9/04 "Holiday Boutique"
Zimmerli Art Museum New Brunswick, NJ November 2004

MM V2.5-2.8: Four Patch
is in the "Recycled Challenge"
QuiltArt online exhibition
EM review of Brodsky Gallery: "Carolyn Lee Vehslage's "Motherboard Meltdown Versions 2.5-2.8: Four Patch" consisted of recycled computer parts, and was perhaps THE piece that most prompted me to ask, "How is this a quilt?"

"While most of the artwork in the collection clearly related to the traditional notion of a quilt: two layers of fabric and a layer of batting stitched together, Vehslage stretched the definition of "quilt" in its broadest sense. "Motherboard Meltdown Versions 2.5–2.8: Four Patch" made me speculate why computer parts were in an exhibition of quilts. When I looked closer, I realized that the traditional components of a quilt were there, but rendered in a different type of "fabric" and "thread."

"Her artwork was a sashed quilt with four blocks, but the pieces on the blocks were recycled computer components, the striped sashing is multi-colored, multi-wired flat computer ribbon cable, and the ‘thread’ was computer wire. A four-patch quilt normally seems static, but movement through this piece was created by the extension of the rectangular shapes onto the sashing and her use of red, blue and yellow computer media and labels.

"In her statement, Vehslage compared the meltdown of the computer's artificial brain to the emotional breakdown of a human brain under severe stress. Of all the artwork in this collection, Vehslage's demonstrated the most imaginative use of materials to create an art quilt." - Sherri Young Dunbar, "When 'Women's Work' Becomes 'ART'" Expository Magazine, Fall 2003

MM V2.9: One Patch

"Motherboard Meltdown
Version 2.9: Single Block"

8"w x 10"h x 1"d September 2003 Available
Update 11/9/04 "MM V2.9" will be on exhibit at:
"Extreme Quilts", Grants Pass Museum of Art
Grants Pass, OR, November 2004

MM V4.1: Single Block

"Motherboard Meltdown
Version 4.1: One Patch"

13"w x 16"h x 1"d September 2003 Sold
Update 12/31/04: Collection of Amy Thrasher, El Dorado, CO
"Uncommon Threads" Arkansas Historic Museum
Little Rock, AR Sept-Oct 2004

MM V3.1-3.9: Nine Patch
"Motherboard Meltdown
Versions 3.1-3.9: Nine Patch"

35"w x 44"h x 1.5"d July 2003 Available

won the Carmela Panasci Award at "Art Ability"
Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital
Malvern, PA November-December 2003

and was part of the documentation of
"Women, Trauma & Visual Expression"
at the Woman Made Gallery
Chicago, IL October-November 2003

Scroll to bottom of page to see individual MM V3.1 through V3.9 before being sashed together and dripped with candle wax.

"Motherboard Meltdown
Versions 1.1-1.9, 2.1-2.4"

8"w x 10"h x 1"d each March 2003

Motherboard Meltdown V1.1 - V1.4 Sold

13 of the "Motherboard Meltdown" series
toured New Zealand, Mexico, & France with the
"Baker's Dozen"collage exhibition, spring 2003

MM V1.1 is in the permanent collection of Musée ArtColle in Sergines, France and MM V1.2 is at the Museo de Collage in Morelos, Mexico

Materials: hand dyed cotton, computer & electronic components, metallic thread, beads, metallic inks, candle wax, and Crayola crayons.

Techniques: machine quilting and embroidery, hand stamping, surface designed by waxing the fabric and components, embellishment.

Statement: The "Motherboard Meltdown" series symbolizes stress induced mental breakdown.

To commission a piece contact clvquilts@yahoo.com

Motherboard Meltdown V1.5 - V1.8 Sold

Motherboard Meltdown V2.1 - 2.4 Sold

"Motherboard Meltdown
Versions 4.3: System Bomb"

8"w x 10"h x 1"d October 2003
"Small Format Art" UNESCO Palace
Beirut, Lebonan, December 2003

"Motherboard Meltdown
Versions 4.2: System Failure"

8"w x 10"h x 1"d October 2003
"Small Format Art" Kelekian Art Gallery
Beirut, Lebonan, January-April 2004



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"Motherboard Meltdown Versions 3.1-3.9" before sashing & wax