Welcome to my newest studio space. On the close wall is Archaeology 17: Black Sheath 84"x12" on the far wall hanging salon style is System Overload: Spinning out of Control, System Overload: Sizzling Heat Sinks, with Archaeology 19: Brain Chemistry 32"x24.5" below them on the design wall.

Walking into the room, you can see Botswana Courtyard at Dawn below the window and Techno Jam: Watermellon Jelly. My 3rd entry for Quilt National ''11, Archaeology 23: Mind Over Matter ~76"x40" is folded up on my sewing table. That's my Bernina Artista 180 that I'm still getting used to.

Although I have a large closet for my supplies, I keep my fabric visable in a cabinet Peter's grandfather made. Above it is Fried Circuits: Gloom & Doom, System Overload: Super Charged, and Keyboard Lockup: Frozen. To the left is Motherboard Meltdown: 4 patch.

Looking back at the door is Archaeology 20: Gray Matter 35"x29.5" and Archaeology 18: White Sheath 84"x12"

And here is Ashley supervising my every move. She just loves to curl up on my quilts
and spread her fur, so that I have to keep the door closed when I've got a piece on the table.

After one of our 3 boarders moved out and I was able to
reclaim one of the bedrooms as my studio.
Before then, I had to work in the kitchen.
At least it's bigger than the space on the sailboat!
I'm still using this space to print my fabrics.

Storage area for my growing collection
of silk screens, rubber stamps, paint & ink
You can see what my old studio used to look
like below on the day I moved into it.

This is the space I used to work in before we had to take in boarders to help pay the mortgage.

Two System Overloads, a Terminal Eyestrain, and a Mixed Media hang to the left of the large set of windows.

A trio of Mixed Media Computer Collages hang above my computer station.

A System Overload, a Fried Circuits, and a Motherboard
hang to the right of the large windows.

Cyber Chick's thinking about 'hanging ten'
on her digital surf board.

The 'ariel' view of the Computer Collages that before hanging. (Several are now out for exhibition.)

My Onboard "Studio" featured online in the Quilter Community
"Making Ocean Waves: A Floating Quilt Studio"
Who else would take a break from boat bottom painting by quilting out of the back end of a truck? That's what happens when exhibition deadlines are looming. When Peter snapped this shot, I was 'embellishing' Techno Jam V1.3: Cranberry Orange Jelly with standard size and mini CD's.

One of the reasons my fiber art is generally less than 24" is because it must remain quickly portable, and have the ability to be tucked away in a moments notice. To accommodate life on a sailboat, I use tupperware like containers to hold my threads, beads, tools, and fabrics. It's not enough to keep things from spilling out when we're healing; I've also got to be conscious about sea spray.

Several of my quilts have been created on board Fandango as we cruise up and down the East coast. "Spring Street, Center City, Philly" was completely made during our fall '00 cruise of the Chesapeake. It hung in the Art/Quilt Magazine booth at IQA Festival 2000 in Houston.

To learn more about how Peter and I are
remodeling our sailboat click on Fandango.

In early June of 2002, we sailed our Mariner 36 Fandango from the boatyard Bass River, NJ (near Atlantic City) to our homeport of Spray Beach, Long Beach Island, NJ. The voyage took four hours so I pulled out some handwork. That's Valentine Bouquet in my hands.

Tote bags and the wicker basket work well for bringing my supplies from the cabin to the cockpit to the beach. Peter has built special storage bins for my materials in the v-berth. He's currently renovating the forward cabin to triple the shelving space.

Below is an interior cabin shot where I'm working on Hall's Hobies up forward in the v-bunk where we sleep. Buzz-Cat's peeking out of her favorite cabin.

A wide-eyed Buzzy supervised the machine piecing of the binding for Hall's Hobies. Fandango under spinaker up in Cape Cod -I'm on the bow waving to you!
At 21-years our Tonkinesse "Buzz-Cat" thought she was still a kitten. She played any chance she got. (That is, when she was not begging for tuna, or to be let outside, or catnapping, or shuffling papers, or supervising her people.) We miss her very much.

She was a well travelled cat. When we cruise on our Mariner 36 Fandango, we took her with us. She went to Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Cape May, New York City, Long Island, Block Island, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Newport, Bristol, off the coast of New Jersey, down past Delaware and Maryland, made the turn in Virginia and headed up the Chesapeake Bay.

Sunset Barnegat Light, NJ 7/7/01.

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